A platform launch film package for RAPHA


The package contains both film and photography, launched globally over several channels.

Key image is the group photograph of the older days and its serious amount of identification  — with a sport, a group, a team, a name, a visual identity — understanding a team kit as a uniform. The filmic approach has been built around taking a group photograph and it’s charming moments before and after.

Shot on location in Austin Texas, Amsterdam, London and the Sierra Nevada in Summer 2018 — capturing Team Yacht Club, F.A.S.T. Amsterdam, Team Scarpa Racing, Team Kibosh Racing, The Fireflies Cycling Club and others.

Produced by ERTZUI FILM
Architecture / Written by Kristian Walter
Montage / Sound Design by Martin Gilluck
Photo colour grading by Stephan Haack
Film colour grading by Martin Schroeder

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