A campaign package for RAPHA
Film & photography, 2017—2018

In 2017 and 2018 RAPHA visited cities around the world to uncover the best riding in some of the world’s greatest cities. We’ve produced short film-portraits of 7 European metropoles showcasing local cycling culture through the voice of cyclists.  

Watch the features including the full length films for Milan, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Paris, Manchester and Berlin here.

Produced by ERTZUI FILM
Photography by Kristian Walter & Martin Gilluck
Architecture / Written by Kristian Walter
Montage / Sound Design by Martin Gilluck
Colour grading by Martin Schroeder

The protagonists of the series include
Dutch cyclocross professional Sophie De Boer, German painter Torben Giehler, Italian photographer Alessandro Trovati, Carsten Wien of Schicke Mütze Düsseldorf, Holly Carter of Rare Mags among others respectively.

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