A short documentary for WAHOO
Film and still imagery, 2021

Watch the short documentary here.

»Why not open the book back up again? Write some more stories. Write a different ending.«

—Peter Kennaugh, former professional cyclist

Pete Kennaugh – The Book That Was Never Finished

In late Summer we travelled to the Isle of Man to create a film with Wahoo and Peter Kennaugh; British cycling prodigy, national champion, Olympic gold medalist. The aim was to explore his decision to stop his career two years ago, as well as his journey back into sport — this time as a triathlete. However, this was not the story we ended up taking home.

Over the days of shooting, interviews and as our relationship with Pete grew, we discovered that we had become involved in a process, that had been growing in him for weeks. During the last interview, on the penultimate day of filming, Pete shared with us his will to get back into pro cycling and his decision to take it on.

He committed on camera to his sport, after years of trying to get away from it.

This changed our story into one about putting yourself out there, about true commitment, about belonging.

A film by Kristian Walter & Martin Gilluck
Architecture / Written by Kristian Walter
Montage / Sound Design by Martin Gilluck
Mastering by Marian Mentrup
Music by Dag Rosenqvist

Produced by ERTZUI FILM
Executive Producer Matt Porter, Wahoo
Production Manager Rowley Clifford, Wahoo

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